Provided by: gnash-cygnal_0.8.11~git20160608-1.4_amd64 bug


       cygnal - Cygnal


       cygnal (options)...


       Cygnal  is  a  multimedia media server for streaming audio, video, and video conferencing.
       Cygnal supports several protocols used by SWF file players, including  RTMP,  RTMPTS,  and
       RTMPT, while encouraging the use of patent-free codecs.

       -h, --help
              Print usage info.

              Print version information.

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose output.

       -p, --port-offset
              Port  offset. This number gets added to the default ports for RTMPS and RTMPS. This
              is only used by developers.

                                          27 March 2018                                 cygnal(1)