Provided by: ctn_3.2.0~dfsg-5build1_amd64 bug


       dcm_map_to_8 - map original pixel data (10, 12 bit) to 8 bit


       dcm_map_to_8 [-b] [-v] [-W width] [-C center] input output


       dcm_map_to_8 reads one DICOM image (monochrome) and maps the pixel data to 8 bits. It does
       this by applying window width, window center, rescale slope, and rescale intercept  values
       found in the information object.  The user can override the window width and center values
       by supplying different values as command line arguments.


       dcm_map_to_8 accepts the following options:

       -b              Read input file assuming the data is stored in big-endian byte order

       -v              Place DCM facility in verbose mode

       -W width        Override window width with this value

       -C center       Override window center with this value

       input output    Input and output files