Provided by: voxbo_1.8.5~svn1246-2ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       dcmsplit - remove identifying fields from DICOM files


       dcmsplit <file> ... [<flags>...]


       dcmsplit is part of the VoxBo suite of tools for brain image analysis.

       dcmsplit  removes  identifying elements from a DICOM file.  It is not guaranteed to remove
       all identifying elements, nor does it address identifying information in  the  image  data
       (e.g., facial features).  But it might be useful as part of the de-identification process.

       dcmsplit can optionally put the removed elements into a separate file, and can also remove
       custom-specified groups and elements.  It can also run recursively on directories.

       To see the list of groups/elements removed automatically, to get more help, and to  get  a
       complete list of available flags, run the program with no arguments.


       Pre-built VoxBo binaries are available for Linux, OSX, and Cygwin, and via the NeuroDebian
       project ( for Debian derivatives.


       VoxBo is provided with no warranty whatsoever.


       For an historical roster of the VoxBo development team, visit


       For detailed help on any VoxBo command-line  program,  run  it  with  no  arguments.   For
       graphical  programs, use the -h flag.  For more help with VoxBo, for information about the
       mailing list, or to report bugs, visit the web site at

       For information about file format support in VoxBo, see voxbo-fileformats(7).  For general
       information about VoxBo, see voxbo(7).  See also vbrename(1), dicominfo(1).