Provided by: scotch_6.0.4.dfsg1-8_amd64 bug


       gomtst - compute statistics on sparse matrix orderings


       gotst [options] [gfile] [ofile] [lfile]


       The  gotst  program computes, in a sequential way, statistics on a sparse matrix ordering,
       such as fill-in, operation count, and separator tree parameters: minimum, maximum, average
       height and variance of its leaves.

       Source  graph  file  gfile can only be a centralized graph file. File ofile represents the
       ordering of the symmetric sparse matrix the pattern of which is represented by gfile.  The
       resulting  statistics are stored in file lfile. When file names are not specified, data is
       read from standard input and written to standard output.  Standard  streams  can  also  be
       explicitly represented by a dash '-'.

       When  the  proper  libraries  have been included at compile time, gtst can directly handle
       compressed graphs, both as input and output. A stream is treated  as  compressed  whenever
       its  name  is  postfixed  with  a  compressed file extension, such as in 'brol.grf.bz2' or
       '-.gz'. The compression formats which can be supported are the bzip2 format ('.bz2'),  the
       gzip format ('.gz'), and the lzma format ('.lzma', on input only).

       Since  gotst  performs sequentially the symbolic factorization of matrix gfile in order to
       compute fill-in and operation count numbers, this program can take a long time or even run
       out of memory, when applied to very large graphs.


       -h     Display some help.

       -V     Display program version and copyright.


       Display statistics on ordering brol.ord of graph brol.grf:

           $ gotst brol.grf brol.ord


       gord(1), gtst(1), dgord(1).

       Scotch user's manual.


       Francois Pellegrini <>

                                         August 03, 2010                                 gotst(1)