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       rancid.types.conf - rancid device type configuration file


       rancid.types.conf contains formatted configuration lines that define the device types that
       are available for use in the <device_type> field of the router.db(5) configuration file.

       The rancid.types.base configuration file follows the same  format  but  defines  the  base
       types described in router.db(5).

       Users  are  STRONGLY  discouraged  from altering this file or overriding the base types in
       rancid.types.conf.  Instead, copy the type definition to be altered from rancid.types.base
       to rancid.types.conf using a different <device_type>.


       One directive is listed per-line, where the syntax is one of:

                 <device_type>;prescript;<rancid_script> XXX temporary knob?  add this?
                 <device_type>;postscript;<rancid_script> XXX temporary knob?  add this?

       For example:
                 cisco;command;ShowVersion;show version
                 juniper;command;ShowVersion;show version

       <device_type>  is  a lower case name used in the router.db(5) file.  Its case is forced to
       lower case when reading the configuration files.

       Each <device_type> may have the  following  directives  defined.   The  login  and  script
       directives are required.

              Defines  commands  to  run for the <device_type> and the function that will process
              the input.

       inloop Intended for rancid(1), inloop defines a function to loop over the input  from  the
              device.  It must have the calling signature f($INPUT, $OUTPUT).

       login  Defines  the  login script used for the <device_type>, which does not need to be an
              FQPN, but then must be found in the path.

       module Loads a rancid perl module to supply functions used in the command  directives  for
              the  <device_type>.   Multiple  module  lines may exist for a device type, they are
              loaded in the order they appear.

       script Defines the rancid script used for the <device_type>, which does not need to be  an
              FQPN, but then must be found in the path.

              Defines  the  rancid  login  script timeout in seconds.  In general, the default 90
              seconds, but some modules themselves alter this.


              Configuration file described here.

              Configuration file described here.


       control_rancid(1), rancid(1), rancid-run(1), router.db(5), rancid(3)

                                           18 July 2017                      rancid.types.conf(5)