Provided by: colorized-logs_2.3-1_amd64 bug


       ansi2html - ansi to HTML converter


       ansi2html [-n] [-w] <log >outfile


       ansi2html  will  convert  the ANSI log into an HTML page, converting ANSI color codes into
       appropriate tags.  All standard colors and attributes are supported.


       -n, --no-header
              Don't produce an HTML header.  This allows including the log into a  web  page  you
              make   some   other   way.   You  are  responsible  for  setting  background  color
              appropriately — to black or something dark in the  default  on-black  mode,  or  to
              white/light  when -w is used.  Fancy-schmancy background images are fine as long as
              they are dark (or light) enough.

       -w, --white
              Make the background white.  This is contrary to most  terminals  but  matches  most
              webpages.   Text requested to be bolded (normally bright white) will be turned bold
              black, but explicit bright white will not be changed, becoming invisible (just like
              explicit  black  is  invisible  in  the  normal  on-black  mode),  same  as on real

       -t, --title text
              Set the page title to the next argument.  Mutually exclusive with -n.


       Most ANSI codes other than color codes are ignored; possibly causing misformatted  output.
       In general, anything unfit for a hardcopy terminal won't work.


       ansi2txt, ttyrec2ansi, pipetty.

                                            2016-07-21                               ansi2html(1)