Provided by: earlyoom_1.0-1_amd64 bug


       earlyoom - Early OOM Daemon


       earlyoom [OPTION]...


       The  oom-killer  generally  has a bad reputation among Linux users. One may have to sit in
       front of an unresponsive system, listening to the grinding disk for minutes, and press the
       reset button and get back to what was doing quickly after running out of patience.

       earlyoom  checks  the amount of available memory and free swap 10 times a second.  If both
       are below 10%, it will kill the largest process. The percentage value is configurable  via
       command line arguments.


       -m PERCENT
              set available memory minimum to PERCENT of total (default 10 %)

       -s PERCENT
              set free swap minimum to PERCENT of total (default 10 %)

       -M SIZE
              set available memory minimum to SIZE KiB

       -S SIZE
              set free swap minimum to SIZE KiB

       -k     use kernel oom killer instead of own user-space implementation

       -i     user-space oom killer should ignore positive oom_score_adj values

       -d     enable debugging messages

       -v     print version information and exit

       -r INTERVAL
              memory report interval in seconds (default 1), set to 0 to disable completely

       -p     set niceness of earlyoom to -20 and oom_score_adj to -1000

       --prefer REGEX
              prefer killing processes matching REGEX (adds 300 to oom_score)

       --avoid REGEX
              avoid killing processes matching REGEX (subtracts 300 from oom_score)

       -h     this help text


       0      Successful program execution.

       1      Usage printed (using -h).

       2      Switch conflict.

       4      Could not cd to /proc

       5      Could not open proc

       7      Could not open /proc/sysrq-trigger

       13     Unknown options.

       14     Wrong parameters for other options.

       15     Wrong parameters for memory threshold.

       16     Wrong parameters for swap threshold.

       102    Could not open /proc/meminfo

       103    Could not read /proc/meminfo

       104    Could not find a specific entry in /proc/meminfo

       105    Could not convert number when parse the contents of /proc/meminfo

Why not trigger the kernel oom killer?

       Earlyoom  does  not  use echo f > /proc/sysrq-trigger because the Chrome people made their
       browser always be the first  (innocent!)   victim  by  setting  oom_score_adj  very  high.
       Instead,   earlyoom   finds   out  itself  by  reading  through  /proc/*/status  (actually
       /proc/*/statm  ,  which  contains  the  same  information   but   is   easier   to   parse

       Additionally,  in  recent  kernels  (tested  on  4.0.5),  triggering the kernel oom killer
       manually may not work at all. That is, it may only free some graphics memory (that will be
       allocated immediately again) and not actually kill any process.


       About 0.6MB RSS. All memory is locked using mlockall() to make sure earlyoom does not slow
       down in low memory situations.


       The author of earlyoom is Jakob Unterwurzacher ⟨⟩.

       This manual page was written by Yangfl ⟨⟩, for the Debian  project  (and
       may be used by others).