Provided by: megatools_1.9.98-1build2_amd64 bug


       megadf - Show total available, used, or free space in the cloud


       megadf [--free|--total|--used] [--mb|--gb|-h]


       Shows available, used and free space in the cloud in machine or human readable formats.


           Show only total available space (free + used).

           Show only free space.

           Show only used space.

       --human, -h
           Display file sizes in a human readable format.

           Show in MiB units.

           Show in GiB units.

       -u <email>, --username <email>
           Account username (email)

       -p <password>, --password <password>
           Account password

           Never ask interactively for a password

           Reload filesystem cache

       --speed-limit <speed>
           Set maximum allowed upload and download speed in KiB/s. This option overrides config
           file settings. 0 means no limit.

       --proxy <proxy>
           Use proxy server to connect to This option overrides config file settings.
           More information can be found in libcurl documentation at
  Some acceptable values are:

           •   none : Disable proxy if it was enabled in the config file.

           •   socks5://localhost:9050 : Local SOCKSv5 proxy server

           •   socks5h://localhost:9050 : Local SOCKSv5 proxy server with DNS handled by the

       --config <path>
           Load configuration from a file

           Disable loading .megarc

       --debug [<options>]
           Enable debugging of various aspects of the megatools operation. You may enable
           multiple debugging options separated by commas. (eg.  --debug api,fs)

           Available options are:

           •   api: Dump API calls

           •   fs: Dump filesystem (may require --reload to actually print something)

           •   cache: Dump cache contents

           Show version information


       •   Show overall human readable space usage information:

               $ megadf -h
               Total: 50.0 GiB
               Used:  6.4 GiB
               Free:  43.6 GiB

       •   Check free space from a script:

               $ test `megadf --free --gb` -lt 1 && \
                 echo "You have less than 1 GiB of available free space"


       Megadf can’t determine available space for premium accounts.


       megatools(7), megarc(5), megadf(1), megadl(1), megaget(1), megals(1), megamkdir(1),
       megaput(1), megareg(1), megarm(1), megacopy(1).


       Part of the megatools(7) suite.


       Report bugs at or


       Megatools was written by Ondrej Jirman <>, 2013-2016.

       Official website is