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       semanage - SELinux Policy Management tool


                       ...  positional arguments:

       import Import local customizations

       export Output local customizations

       login Manage login mappings between linux users and SELinux confined users

       user Manage SELinux confined users (Roles and levels for an SELinux user)

       port Manage network port type definitions

       interface Manage network interface type definitions

       module Manage SELinux policy modules

       node Manage network node type definitions

       fcontext Manage file context mapping definitions

       boolean Manage booleans to selectively enable functionality

       permissive Manage process type enforcement mode

       dontaudit Disable/Enable dontaudit rules in policy

       ibpkey Manage infiniband pkey type definitions

       ibendport Manage infiniband end port type definitions


       semanage  is  used  to  configure  certain  elements  of  SELinux policy without requiring
       modification to or recompilation from policy sources.   This  includes  the  mapping  from
       Linux  usernames  to  SELinux user identities (which controls the initial security context
       assigned to Linux users when they login and bounds their authorized role set) as  well  as
       security context mappings for various kinds of objects, such as network ports, interfaces,
       infiniband pkeys and endports, and nodes (hosts) as well as the file context mapping.  See
       the  EXAMPLES  section  below  for  some examples of common usage.  Note that the semanage
       login command deals with the  mapping  from  Linux  usernames  (logins)  to  SELinux  user
       identities,  while  the  semanage  user  command  deals with the mapping from SELinux user
       identities to authorized role sets.  In most cases, only the former mapping  needs  to  be
       adjusted  by  the  administrator; the latter is principally defined by the base policy and
       usually does not require modification.


       -h, --help
              List help information


       selinux(8),  semanage-boolean(8),  semanage-dontaudit(8),  semanage-export(8),   semanage-
       fcontext(8),   semanage-import(8),   semanage-interface(8),  semanage-login(8),  semanage-
       module(8), semanage-node(8),  semanage-permissive(8),  semanage-port(8),  semanage-user(8)
       semanage-ibkey(8), semanage-ibendport(8),


       This man page was written by Daniel Walsh <>
       and Russell Coker <>.
       Examples by Thomas Bleher <>.  usage: semanage [-h]

                                             20100223                                 semanage(8)