Provided by: shotdetect_1.0.86-5build3_amd64 bug


       shotdetect - scene change detector


       shotdetect [options]


       shotdetect  detects  shots and scenes in a movie. The result produced is a simple XML file
       containing scenes boundary and features. It is also possible to automatically  get  scenes
       boundary shots.


       -h     display help

       -i file
              video input file path

       -o path
              output directory path

       -s threshold
              the threshold is the level for shot detection. High will not detect a lot, low will
              detect a lot of false shots. A good choice is about 60

       -w     generates an xml with basic audio features

       -v     generates an xml with basic video features

       -f     generates the first image of shots

       -l     generates the last image of shots

       -m     generates the thumbnails images

       -r     generates the real size images

                                          January, 2012                             shotdetect(1)