Provided by: fwupd_1.3.9-4_amd64 bug


       fwupdate - Debugging utility for UEFI firmware updates


              fwupdate [OPTION?]

   Help Options:
       -h, --help
              Show help options

   Application Options:
       -v, --verbose
              Show extra debugging information

              Display version

       -L, --log
              Show the debug log from the last attempted update

       -l, --list
              List supported firmware updates

       -s, --supported
              Query for firmware update support

       -i, --info
              Show the information of firmware update status

       -e, --enable
              Enable firmware update support on supported systems

       -p, --esp-path=PATH
              Override the default ESP path

       -d, --set-debug
              Set the debugging flag during update

       -D, --unset-debug
              Unset the debugging flag during update

       -a, --apply=GUID
              Apply firmware updates

       -f, --flags
              Use quirk flags when installing firmware

       This tool allows an administrator to debug UpdateCapsule operation.