Provided by: systemctl_1.4.3424-2_all bug


       systemctl - command line utility to manage services without SystemD


       systemctl [options] command [name...]


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Show package version

              Connect to system manager (default)

       --user Connect to user service manager

       -t TYPE, --type=TYPE
              List units of a particual type

              List units with particular LOAD or SUB or ACTIVE state

       -p NAME, --property=NAME
              Show only properties by this name

       -a, --all
              Show  all  loaded  units/properties,  including  dead empty ones. To list all units
              installed on the system, use the 'list-unit-files' command instead

       -l, --full
              Don't ellipsize unit names on output (never ellipsized)

              Show reverse dependencies with 'list-dependencies' (ignored)

              Specifiy how to deal with already queued jobs, when queuing a new job (ignored)

              When showing sockets, explicitly show their type (ignored)

       -i, --ignore-inhibitors
              When shutting down or sleeping, ignore inhibitors (ignored)

              Who to send signal to (ignored)

       -s SIG, --signal=SIG
              Which signal to send (ignored)

       --now  Start or stop unit in addition to enabling or disabling it

       -q, --quiet
              Suppress output

              Do not wait until operation finished (ignored)

              Do not print a legend (column headers and hints)

              Don't send wall message before halt/power-off/reboot (ignored)

              Don't reload daemon after en-/dis-abling unit files (ignored)

              Do not ask for system passwords

              When enabling unit files, override existing symblinks / When shutting down, execute
              action immediately

              Apply only enable, only disable, or all presets [all]

              Enable  unit  files  in  the  specified  root  directory (used for alternative root

       -n NUM, --lines=NUM
              Number of journal entries to show (ignored)

       -o CAT, --output=CAT
              change journal output mode [short, ..., cat] (ignored)

              Print unit dependencies as a list instead of a tree (ignored)

              Do not pipe output into pager (ignored)

     for coverage (e.g. spawn,oldest,sleep) []

       -e NAME=VAL, --extra-vars=NAME=VAL, --environment=NAME=VAL
              ..override settings in the syntax of 'Environment='

       -v, --verbose
              ..increase debugging information level

       -4, --ipv4
              ..only keep ipv4 localhost in /etc/hosts

       -6, --ipv6
              ..only keep ipv6 localhost in /etc/hosts

       -1, --init
              ..keep running as init-process (default if PID 1)

       use 'help' command for more information