Provided by: lvm2_2.03.07-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       lvmpolld — LVM poll daemon


       lvmpolld [-l|--log {all|wire|debug}] [-p|--pidfile pidfile_path] [-s|--socket socket_path]
       [-B|--binary lvm_binary_path] [-t|--timeout timeout_value]  [-f|--foreground]  [-h|--help]

       lvmpolld [--dump]


       lvmpolld  is  polling  daemon for LVM. The daemon receives requests for polling of already
       initialised operations originating in LVM2 command line tool.  The  requests  for  polling
       originate in the lvconvert, pvmove, lvchange or vgchange LVM2 commands.

       The  purpose  of  lvmpolld  is  to  reduce  the number of spawned background processes per
       otherwise unique polling operation. There should be  only  one.  It  also  eliminates  the
       possibility of unsolicited termination of background process by external factors.

       lvmpolld  is  used  by  LVM  only  if  it  is  enabled  in  lvm.conf(5)  by specifying the
       global/use_lvmpolld setting. If this is not defined in the  LVM  configuration  explicitly
       then  default  setting  is  used  instead  (see  the  output  of  lvmconfig --type default
       global/use_lvmpolld command).


       To run the daemon in a test environment both the pidfile_path and the  socket_path  should
       be changed from the defaults.

       -f, --foreground
              Don't fork, but run in the foreground.

       -h, --help
              Show help information.

       -l, --log {all|wire|debug}
              Select  the  type  of  log  messages  to  generate.  Messages are logged by syslog.
              Additionally, when -f is given they are also sent to standard error.  There are two
              classes  of  messages:  wire  and  debug.  Selecting  'all'  supplies  both  and is
              equivalent to a comma-separated list -l wire,debug.

       -p, --pidfile pidfile_path
              Path to the pidfile. This overrides both the built-in  default  (/run/
              and  the  environment  variable LVM_LVMPOLLD_PIDFILE.  This file is used to prevent
              more than one instance of the daemon running simultaneously.

       -s, --socket socket_path
              Path  to  the   socket   file.   This   overrides   both   the   built-in   default
              (/run/lvm/lvmpolld.socket) and the environment variable LVM_LVMPOLLD_SOCKET.

       -t, --timeout timeout_value
              The  daemon may shutdown after being idle for the given time (in seconds). When the
              option is omitted or the value given is zero the daemon never shutdowns on idle.

       -B, --binary lvm_binary_path
              Optional path to alternative LVM binary (default: /lvm). Use for  testing  purposes

       -V, --version
              Display the version of lvmpolld daemon.

       --dump Contact  the  running lvmpolld daemon to obtain the complete state and print it out
              in a raw format.


              Path for the pid file.

              Path for the socket file.


       lvm(8), lvm.conf(5)