Provided by: uhubctl_2.1.0-1_amd64 bug


       uhubctl - uhubctl


       uhubctl [options]


       uhubctl 2.1.0: utility to control USB port power for smart hubs.

       Without options, show status for all smart hubs.

       Options  [defaults  in  brackets]:  --action,    -a  -  action to off/on/cycle (0/1/2) for
       affected ports.
       --ports,    -p - ports to operate on    [all hub ports].
       --location, -l - limit hub by location  [all smart hubs].
       --level     -L - limit hub by location level (e.g. a-b.c is level 3).
       --vendor,   -n - limit hub by vendor id [any] (partial ok).
       --delay,    -d - delay for cycle action [2 sec].
       --repeat,   -r - repeat power off count [1] (some devices need it to turn off).
       --exact,    -e - exact location (no USB3 duality handling).
       --reset,    -R - reset hub after each power-on action, causing all devices to reassociate.
       --wait,     -w - wait before repeat power off [20 ms].
       --version,  -v - print program version.
       --help,     -h - print this text.

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