Provided by: zfsutils-linux_0.8.3-1ubuntu12.17_amd64 bug


       zfs-mount-generator - generates systemd mount units for ZFS




       zfs-mount-generator  implements  the Generators Specification of systemd(1), and is called
       during early boot to generate systemd.mount(5) units for automatically  mounted  datasets.
       Mount  ordering  and  dependencies  are  created  for  all tracked pools (see below). If a
       dataset has canmount=on and mountpoint set, the auto mount  option  will  be  set,  and  a
       dependency for on the mount will be created.

       Because  zfs pools may not be available very early in the boot process, information on ZFS
       mountpoints must be stored separately. The output of the command

           zfs                         list                         -H                         -o

       for datasets that should be mounted by systemd, should be kept separate from the pool, at


       The cache file, if writeable, will be kept synchronized with the pool state by the ZEDLET



       To begin, enable tracking for the pool:

           touch /etc/zfs/zfs-list.cache/POOLNAME

       Then, enable the tracking ZEDLET:

           ln -s "/usr/lib/zfs-linux/zed.d/" "/etc/zfs/zed.d"

           systemctl enable zfs-zed.service

           systemctl restart zfs-zed.service

       Force the running of the ZEDLET by setting canmount=on for at least  one  dataset  in  the

           zfs set canmount=on DATASET

       This forces an update to the stale cache file.


       zfs(5)  zfs-events(5)  zed(8)  zpool(5)  systemd(1)  systemd.special(7)