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       lkbib - search bibliographic databases


       lkbib [-n] [-i fields] [-p filename] [-t n] key ...

       lkbib --help

       lkbib -v
       lkbib --version


       lkbib  searches  bibliographic  databases for references that contain the keys key ... and
       prints any references found on the standard output.  lkbib will search any databases given
       by  -p options, and then a default database.  The default database is taken from the REFER
       environment variable if it  is  set,  otherwise  it  is  /usr/dict/papers/Ind.   For  each
       database  filename  to  be  searched, if an index filename.i created by indxbib(1) exists,
       then it will be searched instead; each index can cover multiple databases.


       Whitespace is permitted between a command-line option and its argument.

       --help Display a usage message and exit.

              When searching files for which no index exists, ignore the contents of fields whose
              names are in string.

              Search filename.  Multiple -p options can be used.

       -tn    Only require the first n characters of keys to be given.  Initially n is 6.

              Display version information and exit.


       REFER  Default database.


              Default database to be used if the REFER environment variable is not set.

              Index files.


       refer(1), lookbib(1), indxbib(1)