Provided by: lltag_0.14.6-1.1_all bug


       formats - Internal formats database file for lltag


       The  internal  format  database  is  usually  stored  in /etc/lltag/formats.  The user may
       override this file by defining a $HOME/.lltag/formats.  If this file exists,  the  system-
       wide one is ignored.

       These files contain entries starting with a line such as:

       [%n - %a - %t]
              A title between bracket that will be displayed at runtime.

       Then,  the  following  3 lines must be given to explain how the format is actually used to
       parse filenames:

       type = basename
              The type is either basename (to parse the last part of the path to a file) or  path
              (to  parse  the  directory  part of the path to a file).  When actually parsing the
              path to target files, basename and path parsers will be  assembled.   All  possible
              combination will be tried.

       regexp = %L%N%S-%S%A%S-%S%A%L
              A string composed of any characters, with the following special fields:

              %L for delimiter (empty by default, multiple spaces if --spaces was given)

              %S for a space (or multiple spaces if --spaces was given)

              %N for numbers

              %A for an alphanumeric string without /

              %P for any path (alphanumeric string with /)

              %% for %

       indices = NUMBER,ARTIST,TITLE
              A  list  of  fields to match (either given by their full name or associated letter)
              corresponding to each %N or %A field in the previous format.  It may be AUTHOR  (or
              a),  ALBUM  (A),  GENRE (g), NUMBER (n), TITLE (t), DATE (d), COMMENT (c) or IGNORE
              (i).  See also FORMAT in the manpage of lltag for details about these fields.




       Brice Goglin

                                          NOVEMBER 2006                          lltag_formats(5)