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       arcctl - Nordugrid ARC Computing Element Control Tool


       arcctl [-d, --debug LEVEL] [-c, --config CONFIG] [-h, --help] COMPONENT ACTION [...]


       This  man  page is not the ultimate source of information about arcctl.  Please use --help
       to see all options available for each component!

       The arcctl(1) utility is aimed to automate ARC CE operations, like  controlling  Services,
       Jobs, RunTime Environments, Accounting, etc.

       The  main  goal is to provide a single point of control for different ARC CE subsystems to
       the system administrator.

       arcctl designed with bash-completion in mind, so make  sure  you  have  python-argcomplete
       installed and enabled to use all features.


       -d, --debug LEVEL
              Choose  the  verbosity level from CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG (default is

       -c, --config FILE
              Specifies the configuration file to be used. By default the arc.conf(5) is used.

       -h, --help
              Show help messages


       The following components can be controlled by arcctl at the time of writing:

       services        Controlling ARC CE services.

       rte             Controlling RunTime Envronents available on the ARC CE.

       job             A-REX Jobs control (actions, information, logs).

       accounting      Accounting records operations (republishing, stats).

       config          ARC  configuration  control:  get/set/dump  configuration  values,  inline
                       options help.

       test-ca         Self-signed CA for test certificates deployment for both hosts and users.

       deploy          Third   party   components   deployment   (IGTF  CA,  VOMS  LSC,  Firewall

       Use --help argument to list all available actions for each component.


       Enable ENV/PROXY RunTime Environment

              # arcctl rte enable ENV/PROXY

       Configure ENV/PROXY RunTime Environment to disable CA certificates copying

              # arcctl rte params-set ENV/PROXY COPY_CACERT_DIR No

       Use ENV/RTE RunTime Environment by default for every job (even if not explicitly requested
       in job description)

              # arcctl rte default ENV/RTE

       Clean all jobs in DELETED state

              # arcctl job cleanall -s DELETED

       Get job submission interface

              # arcctl job attr 21PKDmF0Aasnfk581mkC9sunABFKDmABFKDmDgFKDmUzFKDmqfGG0n interface

       Enable and start all ARC CE services as configured in arc.conf(5)

              # arcctl service enable --as-configured --now

       Get inline help for sessiondir option of [arex] block

              # arcctl config describe arex sessiondir

       Get the brief summary of configured storage areas for ARC services

              # arcctl config brief --type storage

       Generate tarball with test user certificate to transfer to another machine

              # arcctl test-ca usercert --export-tar

       Deploy VOMS LSC files for atlas VO from EGI VO Database

              # arcctl deploy voms-lsc atlas --egi-vo

       Show archived APEL accounting records statistics

              # arcctl accounting stats -t apel


       Report bugs to


       APACHE LICENSE Version 2.0


       ARC  software  is  developed  by  the  NorduGrid Collaboration (,
       please consult the AUTHORS file distributed with  ARC.  Please  report  bugs  and  feature
       requests to