Provided by: mgetty-pvftools_1.2.1-1.2_amd64 bug


       pvf tools - utilities to convert various sound formats


       The  pvf tools are a collection of tools to convert vgetty modem data to and from the 'raw
       modem data' format, and from that to and from various audio  file  formats  (like  .au  or
       .wav).   In addition, there are some tools to manipulate pvf files, like speed up files or
       cut off trailing noise.

       A list of commands is below in the "see also" section.

       You can run those commands with the -h switch for available options. Please also  look  at
       the individual contributed man pages.


       autopvf(1),   basictopvf(1),   lintopvf(1),   pvf(1),  pvfamp(1),  pvfcut(1),  pvfecho(1),
       pvfff(1), pvffile(1), pvffilter(1),  pvfmix(1),  pvfnoise(1),  pvfreverse(1),  pvfsine(1),
       pvfspeed(1),    pvftoau(1),    pvftobasic(1),   pvftolin(1),   pvftormd(1),   pvftovoc(1),
       pvftowav(1), rmdfile(1), rmdtopvf(1), voctopvf(1), wavtopvf(1)


       Original  version  from  Klaus   Weidner.    Copyright   (C)   1997   by   Marc   Eberhard

                                         14 February 1997                                  pvf(1)