Provided by: libcal3d12v5_0.11.0-7.1_amd64 bug


       cal3d_converter - convert cal3d files from / to binary and XML (version 0.11.0)


       cal3d_converter source destination


       A  source  or  destination cal3d file is either a skeleton (.xsf or .csf), a mesh (.xmf or
       .cmf), an animation (.xaf or .caf) or a  material  (.xrf  or  .crf).  The  files  with  an
       extension  starting  with an x denote XML files (.xsf, .xmf, .xaf, xrf) and the files with
       an extension starting with a c denot binary files (.csf, .cmf, .caf, .crf).

       If the source is a file of a given type, the destination is expected to be a file  of  the
       same type.


       cal3d_converter skeleton.csf skeleton.xsf
              Convert the skeleton.csf skeleton file from binary format to XML format.


       Loic Dachary <>

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