Provided by: camv-rnd_1.0.2-1_amd64 bug


       camv-rnd - viewer for PCB related CAM files


       camv-rnd [options] [inputfile1 [inputfile2...]]


       camv-rnd  loads and displays zero or more files in multiple layers. Files can be specified
       on the command line or can be loaded using the menu once camv-rnd is running.


       --gui hid
              Use the hid plugin for  the  "gui"  frontend.  Common  choices  are  "gtk2_gdk"  or
              "lesstif"  for  graphical  user  interfaces and "batch" for a headless command-line
              interface (or automated batch processing).

       -c path=val
              Set a config node in role CFR_CLI. The path of the node is path (e.g.  editor/grid)
              and the new value is val (e.g. 5mm).

                                            2019-10-01                                camv-rnd(1)