Provided by: darcs-monitor_0.4.2-14build5_amd64 bug


       darcs-monitor - Darcs add-on that sends mail about newly pushed changes


       darcs-monitor [ option ...  ] email recipient [ email recipient ...  ] [ repository ...  ]

       darcs-monitor -h | --help

       darcs-monitor --version


       darcs-monitor  reads  one or more darcs(1) repositories and sends email about every change
       it has not previously sent an email about to the same address.  To have darcs-monitor  run
       every   time   someone   pushes   to   a   repository,   add   the   following   lines  to

              apply posthook darcs-monitor --charset=charset email recipient  [  email  recipient
              ...  ]
              apply run-posthook

       In  the  above, charset should be the MIME charset that patches (including their metadata)
       are in, and recipient should be the email address where emails should be  sent.   You  can
       specify more than one recipient by repeating the email parameter.

       You  can also run darcs-monitor from crontab(1) or from the command line.  In those cases,
       it is easiest to specify the path to the  repository  on  the  command  line  after  other
       arguments.  In fact, you can specify more than one.

       By  default,  mail is sent by calling /usr/sbin/sendmail.  Another sendmail (1) binary can
       be specified by using a command-line switch.

       You can customise the email by providing a template.  You should put your own template  in
       the  file  _darcs/third-party/darcs-monitor/email-template  (you  can use other files, but
       then you have to specify where it  is).   In  the  template  you  can  use  the  following

              the email address to which email is sent

       %DIFF% the Darcs-provided diff -u of the patch

              a Darcs-provided summary of changes

       %REPO% the path to the repository

              the final component of the path to the repository

              the patch author

       %DATE% the patch date

       %HASH% the patch Darcs hash

              the patch name

              the patch comment

       Also,  in the template, two percent signs in sequence (%%) start a comment that extends to
       the end of the current line.


       -n, --dry-run
              Do not actually do anything, but do mark it done.

              Provide the location of the darcs(1) executable.

              Provide additional arguments to darcs(1), separating arguments with commas.

              Use sendmail(1) (either at /usr/sbin/sendmail or at FILE).

       -d, --max-diff=SIZE
              Only include the first SIZE bytes of the diff in the e-mail.

              Specify the MIME name of the repository's character set.

       -h, --help
              Show usage.

              Show version.


       Success is indicated by 0, failure by any other exit status.


              The default email template.  See above for the format.


       darcs-monitor was written by Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho.