Provided by: davix_0.8.2-2_amd64 bug


       davix-get - Download tool based on libdavix


                davix-get [options]... url          davix-get [options]... url local_file


       davix-get is a tool to download resources from HTTP, Webdav or REST compatible services.
       The command supports the protocol Http (http(s)://), WebDav (dav(s)://) and S3 (s3(s)://).

       Target resources can either be a single file or a collection.
       In the case of collection, all sub-collections will also be downloaded.

       davix-get is powered by libdavix. See libdavix(3) for details.


       Common Options:

            Debug mode

         --header, -H
            Add a header field to the request (eg: -H "Depth: 1" )

         --help, -h
            Display this help message

         --metalink OPT
            Metalink support. (OPT=failover[default]|no)

         --module, -P PLUGIN_NAME
            Load a plugin or profile by name

         --redirection OPT
            Transparent redirection support. (OPT=yes[default]|no)

         --proxy, -x URL
            SOCKS5 proxy server URL. (ex: socks5://

            Traces specific scope(s), options include:
               file - Davix file interface
               posix - Davix POSIX interface
               xml - XML parser output
               ssl - SSL and certs details
               header - HTTP queries headers
               body - HTTP bodies
               chain - IO chains info
               core - Config and Davix command line tools info
               grid - Misc info from 3rd parties
               socket - Socket info
               locks - WebDAV locking info
               all - Traces everything

            Display version

       Security Options:

         --capath CA_PATH
            Add an additional certificate authority directory

         --cert, -E CRED_PATH
            Client Certificate in PEM format

         --key priv_path
            Private key in PEM format

         --insecure, -k
            Disable SSL credential checks

            User login for login/password authentication

            User password for login/password authentication

            AWS S3 authentication: secret key

            AWS S3 authentication: access key

            AWS S3 authentication: region

            AWS S3 security token - used along with STS temporary credentials

            Specify this flag if you need to use a path-based S3 URL

            Azure authentication key


       Download content and print it on stdout

       Download content to a local file
               davix-get s3:// /tmp/file2

       Download content to a local file with VOMS authentication in a Grid environment
               davix-get -P grid davs:// /tmp/file1

       Download content and print it to stdout, using a OAuth token
               davix-get -H "Authorization: Bearer mytoken"

       Download collection to a local directory
               davix-get dav:// ./mydir





       Adrien Devresse <>, IT-SDC-ID, CERN