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       ddcui - GUI for ddcutil


       ddcui [options]


       ddcui  provides a graphical user interface to a monitor's Virtual Control Panel (VCP).  It
       uses the DDC/CI protocol on an I2C bus connected to  the  monitor.   Normally,  the  video
       driver for the monitor exposes one or more I2C buses as devices named /dev/i2c-n.

       Virtual  Control  Panel  features  are  defined in the Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS).
       Monitors implement some subset of these features.  Each  feature  is  identified  using  a
       single byte.  For example, feature x10 is the brightness control.


   Options that change initial settings for the Feature Selection dialog:
       --feature-set name
              Initial feature set to show.  The most important are MCCS - all features defined in
              MCCS, MANUFACTURER - features in the manufacturer reserved range xe0..xff, COLOR  -
              color  related  features.   For  a  complete  list,  use the --help option.  Unless
              --custom-feature-set is specified, the default is MCCS.

       --custom-feature-set (feature code..)
              Explicitly specify the features to be shown.  Features in the feature code list are
              specified  as  2 byte hex numbers, with or without leading "x" or trailing "h".  To
              specify more than one feature, separate the feature codes by commas or blanks,  and
              enclose the entire list in quotation marks.  For example:
              --custom-feature-set "10 x12 14h"

              Restrict  features  to  those in the capabilities string.  Applies when the feature
              set is MCCS, COLOR, or MANUFACTURER.

              Always include features found in the capabilities string.  Applies when the feature
              set is MCCS.

              Display   unsupported  features  in the feature set.  Normally unsupported features
              are not shown.

   Option that changes initial settings for the NC Values Source dialog.
       --nc-values-source MCCS|CAPABILITIES|BOTH
              Source of values shown in the drop down menu for simple Non-Continuous features.

              Always use values from latest MCCS version

   Option for initial display selection:
       --model model-name
              Model name as specified in the monitor's EDID and shown on the toolbar.

   Miscellaneous options:
              List available Qt styles

       --style style-name
              Select the Qt style to use

       --version, -v
              Report version information

       --help Get command line help.

   Options that are passed to the ddcutil shared library.
       These correspond to ddcutil command line options of the same name.

       --ddc  Report DDC protocol and data errors to the terminal.

       --trace trace-group-name
              Trace all functions in a trace group.  May be specified more than once.

       --trcfile simple-file-name
              Trace all traceable functions in a file.  May be specified more than once.

       --trcfunc function name
              Trace a single function.  May be specified more than once.

       --timestamp | --ts
              Prefix trace messages with timestamp

       --thread-id | --tid
              Prefix trace messages with thread id


       Normally returns 0, returns 1 if failure.

       Using the --help option is regarded as success.



       The project homepage: ⟨⟩
       General ddcui documentation:
       For detailed documentation of the command line options:


       Sanford Rockowitz (rockowitz at minsoft dot com)
       Copyright 2019-2020 Sanford Rockowitz

                                           13 June 2020                                  ddcui(1)