Provided by: psi3_3.4.0-6ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       detcasman - Determinant Configuration Interaction /
                    Complete Active Space Self-Consistent-Field
                    Program Manager


       The  program  detcasman  manages the orbital optimization in a complete-active-space self-
       consistent field (CASSCF) procedure.  It is a very simple program that runs  the  integral
       transformation,  CI  calculation,  Lagrangian, and orbital rotation modules that work with
       the DETCI program.  The real work of orbital optimization is done in the program detcas.


           input.dat          - Input file


           output.dat         - Output file


       NCASITER = integer
              The number of orbital optimization iterations to be carried out.  The  driver  will
              stop  when  this many iterations have been completed, or earlier if convergence has
              been achieved.  The default value is 30.  See the man pages for  DETCI  and  DETCAS
              for setting the convergence criteria.

       SCALE_CONV = double
              The  scale  factor  to  be  used  to determine the CI convergence from the previous
              iteration's orbital convergence.  We take the smaller of the  scaled  and  unscaled
              orbital gradients, and multiply this by the scale factor to determine the CI vector
              convergence.  The default is 0.01.

                                            8 Oct, 1998                              detcasman(1)