Provided by: devilspie2_0.43-4_amd64 bug


       Devilspie2 - perform scripted actions on windows as they are created


       Devilspie2  is  a  program that detects windows as they are created, and performs scripted
       actions on them. The scripts are written in Lua, allowing a great deal of customisation.

       More details in /usr/share/doc/devilspie2.


              Displays the version of Devilspie2.

       --folder folder
              Sets the folder where the Lua scripts are loaded from.

              Shows debug information from the Lua scripts. If debug_print is  used  in  the  Lua
              scripts, that output will only be printed to stdout if this option is used.

              Emulate  script behaviour. Using this option only emulates a scripts behaviour, and
              doesn't affect the windows that the scripts otherwise would modify.

              Show version of the libwnck used. (Only available on GTK3 or later)

Script Commands

       See the README or the manual linked from the homepage for a detailed description
              of the commands recognized by the Lua script.


       Devilspie2 was written by Andreas Rönnquist  <>,  and  is  based  on
       Devilspie by Ross Burton.