Provided by: dfrs_0.0.7-4_amd64 bug


       dfrs - Display file system space usage using graphs and colors


       dfrs [OPTION]...  [FILE]...


       dfrs displays the amount of disk space available on the file system containing each file
       name argument. If no file name is given, the space available on all currently mounted file
       systems is shown.

       dfrs(1) is a tool similar to df(1) except that it is able to show a graph along with the
       data and is able to use colors.

       Without any argument, size is displayed in human-readable format.


       Show information about the file system on which each FILE resides, or all regular file
       systems by default.

       -a, --more
           Show more file systems; use -a twice to show all

       -aa, --all
           Show all file systems

           Force colors even if stdout is not a tty. This is useful with watch -c

       --color [WHEN]
           Colorize the output; WHEN can be 'auto' (default if omitted), 'always', or 'never'

       -i, --inodes
           Show inode instead of block usage

       -h, --human-readable
           Print sizes in powers of 1024 (e.g., 1023M)

       -H, --si
           Print sizes in powers of 1000 (e.g., 1.1G)

           Produce and show a grand total

       -l, --local
           Limit listing to local file systems

           Do not resolve file system shorthand aliases (e.g., LVM)

       --columns [COLUMN]...
           Display columns defined as a comma separated list; COLUMN can be: filesystem, type,
           bar, used, used_percentage, available, available_percentage, capacity, mounted_on

       --mounts [FILE]
           File to get mount information from (e.g., /proc/mounts or /etc/mtab)

       -V, --version
           Prints version information

           Show a short help text.


           Bugs can be reported on the bug tracker


           Levente Polyak

                                            2022-06-05                                    dfrs(1)