Provided by: dh-octave_1.2.3_all bug


       dh_octave_clean - clean files from Octave-Forge package build


       dh_octave_clean [debhelper options]


       dh_octave_clean cleans files generated by the building of an Octave-Forge package.  It
       cleans files global-list and local-list created automatically.

       It also cleans any inst/*-api-v*, src/*.o, src/*.oct and src/*-tst files left over by the
       build process.

       Finally, it runs both make clean and make distclean in the src directory, if it exists, in
       order to do further cleaning.


       debhelper(7), dh(1), dh_octave_substvar(1), dh_octave_check(1), dh_octave_version(1),
       dh_octave_changelogs(1), dh_octave_examples(1)

       This program is meant to be used together with debhelper for Debian packages derived from
       Octave-Forge packages.  It is part of the Debhelper octave build system, enabled by the
       --buildsystem option to dh_auto_clean (or globally).  It is NOT enabled by the dh sequence
       provided by the same package.


       Rafael Laboissière <>