Provided by: dnsviz_0.9.3-1_all bug


       dnsviz - issue and assess diagnostic DNS queries


       dnsviz [ options  ] command [ args ]

       dnsviz [ options  ] help [ command ]


       dnsviz  is  a  tool  for  assessing  the  health  of DNS deployments by issuing diagnostic
       queries, assessing the responses, and outputting the results in one  of  several  formats.
       The  assessment  may  be  directed towards recursive or authoritative DNS servers, and the
       output may be textual, graphical, or serialized for programmatic review.

       dnsviz is invoked by specifying one of its commands as the first argument on  the  command
       line,  followed  by  arguments specific to that command.  If the first argument is "help",
       then the usage of the command specified by the second argument is displayed.  If no second
       argument is provided, then a general usage message is given.


       -p path
              Add a path to the python path.


       probe  Issue diagnostic DNS queries.  See dnsviz-probe(1).

       grok   Assess diagnostic DNS queries See dnsviz-grok(1).

       graph  Graph the assessment of diagnostic DNS queries See dnsviz-graph(1).

       print  Process diagnostic DNS queries to textual output See dnsviz-print(1).

       query  Assess a DNS query See dnsviz-query(1).

       help [ command ]
              Show usage generally, or for a specific command.


       The exit codes are:

       0      Program terminated normally.

       1      Incorrect usage.


       dnsviz-probe(1), dnsviz-grok(1), dnsviz-graph(1), dnsviz-print(1), dnsviz-query(1)