Provided by: dtmf2num_0.1.1-1_amd64 bug


       dtmf2num - tool for decoding the DTMF and MF tones from PCM wave files


       dtmf2num [options] files...


       This manual page documents briefly the dtmf2num command.

       dtmf2num supports any type of wave file (frequencies, channels and 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits),
       automatic optimizations (DC bias adjust and normalization) and both WAV and raw PCM data.

       The program has been successfully tested with many audio files  and  moreover  with  those
       highly dirt and damaged, for example recorded with a microphone in a room or at a very low
       volumes or with some noise.


       -r F C B
              Consider the file as raw headerless PCM  data,  you  must  specify  the  Frequency,
              Channels and Bits like -r 44100 2 16

       -o     Disable the automatic optimizations: DC bias adjust and normalize.  Use this option
              only if your file is already clean and normalized

       -w FILE
              Debug option for dumping the handled samples from the memory to FILE

       -z P V Set specific parameters of dsp.c:
                  DTMF_OPTIMIZED_VALUE      102.00
                  DTMF_THRESHOLD            800000000.00
                  DTMF_NORMAL_TWIST         6.30
                  DTMF_RELATIVE_PEAK_ROW    6.30
                  DTMF_RELATIVE_PEAK_COL    6.30
                  BELL_MF_THRESHOLD         800000000.00
                  BELL_MF_TWIST             4.00
                  BELL_MF_RELATIVE_PEAK     12.60

                                          April 20 2017                               dtmf2num(1)