Provided by: fluxbox_1.3.5-2.1_amd64 bug


       fbrun - display run dialog window


       fbrun [options]


       fbrun(1) is basically equivalent to the “Run...” dialog in other desktop environments.
       This means that it is an easy way to start a program that isn’t contained in the menu (or
       needs a special set of parameters for this particular invocation).

       Pressing “Enter” will close the window and execute the command in your present $SHELL.
       Pressing “Esc” will close the window and does not execute anything.

       Another way fbrun can be useful is to be called from the menu with a preloaded command
       line that you can edit and then execute. An example might be sshing to a very long host
       name with lots of options of which one changes all the time. In this case, you could add
       an entry for fbrun to your menu that contains all the options and the host name. When you
       use said entry, you could edit the line as necessary and execute it.


       -title title
           Set title

       -text text
           Text input

       -w width
           Window width in pixels

       -h height
           Window height in pixels

       -display display
           Display name, defaults to $DISPLAY

       -pos x y
           Window position in pixels

           Position the window under the mouse cursor

       -fg color
           Foreground text color. The default is black

       -bg color
           Background color. The default is white

       -font name
           Text font name

           Disable font antialias

       -hf filename
           History file to load. The default is ~/.fluxbox/fbrun_history.

           Show this help


           fbrun -fg black -bg white -text xterm -title "run xterm"


       This manpage was originally written by Bastian Kleineidam <calvin at> for the
       Debian distribution of fluxbox (but may be used by others).

       It was then converted to asciidoc format by Jim Ramsay < at> for




       Jim Ramsay <>