Provided by: git-buildpackage_0.9.29_all bug


       gbp-clone - Clone a repository from remote


       gbp clone [--version] [--help] [--verbose] [--color=[auto|on|off]] [--color-scheme=
                 COLOR_SCHEME] [--all] [--[no-]pristine-tar] [--debian-branch= branch_name]
                 [--upstream-branch= branch_name] [--depth= depth] [--reference= repository]
                 [--postclone= COMMAND] [--[no-]hooks] [--defuse-gitattributes= [auto|on|off]]
                 [--repo-user= [GIT|DEBIAN]] [--repo-email= [GIT|DEBIAN]] [--[no-]aliases]
                 [--[no-]add-upstream-vcs] repository [directory]


       gbp clone clones a remote repository  and  sets  up  tracking  branches  for  the  debian,
       upstream and pristine-tar branches. This way you can easily update later using gbp pull.


              Print version of the program, i.e. version of the git-buildpackage suite

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose execution

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

              Whether to use colored output.

              Colors  to  use  in  output (when color is enabled). The format for COLOR_SCHEME is
              '<debug>:<info>:<warning>:<error>'.  Numerical values and color names are accepted,
              empty  fields  imply the default color. For example, --git-color-scheme='cyan:34::'
              would show debug messages in cyan, info messages in  blue  and  other  messages  in
              default (i.e. warning and error messages in red).

       --all  Track all branches, not only debian and upstream.

              The  branch in the Git repository the Debian package is being developed on, default
              is master.

              The branch in the Git repository the upstream sources  are  put  onto.  Default  is

              Git history depth, for creating shallow git clones.

              Local  repository  to  use  as  alternate  instead  of  re-copying data from remote

              Track pristine tar branch.

              Enable running hooks.

              Execute COMMAND after cloning the source from the remote.

              Exported environment variables are: GBP_GIT_DIR  (the  repository  the  package  is
              being built from).

              Note  that  if  you  clone  a  repository  that  contains  a  hook configuration in
              debian/gbp.conf this hook will not be run automatically  to  prevent  execution  of
              untrusted code.

              Disable Git attributes that may interfere with building packages. Works by updating
              .git/info/attributes to override attributes in the upstream sources which may cause
              files  to  be transformed on checkout.  More specifically, a new macro attribute is
              defined,  [attr]dgit-defuse-attrs,  which  is  then  applied  to  *  together  with
              export-subst  and  export-ignore.  This is done to be compatible with dgit and git-
              deborig which disable Git attributes this way.

              If set to auto, first check whether there  are  any  .gitattributes  files  in  the
              upstream  source,  and  act  only  if there are some. If set to on, unconditionally
              there are some. If set to off, does nothing.

              When set to DEBIAN use the DEBEMAIL environment variable to set the  Git
              configuration otherwise use Git's defaults.

              When  set  to  DEBIAN use the DEBUSER environment variable to set the Git
              configuration otherwise use Git's defaults.

              Whether to expand gbp specific aliases for remote repos like salsa:.

              Whether to add the upstream git repository as additional remote. The repositor  url
              is read from debian/upstream/meta.

              The  (possibly remote) repository to clone from. This is usually a Git URL but some
              shortcuts are supported (see below).

              The directory to clone to.


       Clone a repository and setup a tracking branch for pristine-tar as well:

             gbp clone --pristine-tar git://

       Clone from the Git-Vcs URL of a package:

           gbp clone vcs-git:libvirt
           gbp clone vcsgit:libvirt

       Clone a repository from salsa (Debian's code hosting):

             gbp clone salsa:agx/git-buildpackage

       Clone from a github repository:

             gbp clone github:agx/git-buildpackage


       Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the  above  command-line  arguments.
       See the gbp.conf(5) manpage for details.


       gbp-buildpackage(1),       gbp-pull(1),      gbp-setup-gitattributes(1),      gbp.conf(5),


       Guido G√ľnther <>

                                        29 September 2022                            gbp-clone(1)