Provided by: git-buildpackage_0.9.29_all bug


       gbp-tag - Tag a Debian packages in a Git repository


       gbp tag [--version] [--help] [--verbose] [--color=[auto|on|off]] [--color-scheme=
               COLOR_SCHEME] [--ignore-branch] [--[no-]ignore-new] [--[no-]sign-tags] [--keyid=
               GPG-KEYID] [--debian-branch= BRANCH_NAME] [--debian-tag= tag-format] [--debian-
               tag-msg= tag-msg-format] [--posttag= COMMAND] [--retag]


       gbp tag tags the current head commit appropriately. It will in order:

       • Verify that it is being executed from the Debian branch.

       • Verify that the repository doesn't contain any uncommitted source changes.

       • Create a git tag using the information from debian/changelog.

       • (Optionally) call a post tag hook.


              Print version of the program, i.e. version of the git-buildpackage suite

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose execution

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

              Whether to use colored output.

              Colors to use in output (when color is enabled). The  format  for  COLOR_SCHEME  is
              '<debug>:<info>:<warning>:<error>'.  Numerical values and color names are accepted,
              empty fields imply the default color. For  example,  --git-color-scheme='cyan:34::'
              would  show  debug  messages  in  cyan, info messages in blue and other messages in
              default (i.e. warning and error messages in red).

              Execute COMMAND after creating the tag.

              Exported environment variables are:  GBP_TAG  (the  name  of  the  generated  tag),
              GBP_BRANCH  (the  branch  the package was built from) and GBP_SHA1 (the sha1 of the
              commit the tag was created at).

              GPG sign all created tags.

              Use this keyid for gpg signing tags.

              Use this tag format when tagging Debian versions, default is debian/%(version)s.

              Use this tag message format when signing Debian versions, default is %(pkg)s Debian
              release %(version)s

              Don't  fail tag operations if a tag with the same version already exists. This is a
              command line only option that cannot be specified via gbp.conf.

              If you're not on this branch when invoking gbp tag it will fail. Default is master.
              This is done to make sure you don't accidentally tag on the wrong branch. Not being
              on this branch will be ignored when using --ignore-branch.

              Don't check if the current branch matches DEBIAN-BRANCH.

              Don't abort if there are uncommitted changes in the  source  tree  or  the  current
              branch doesn't match the DEBIAN-BRANCH.


       Create a tag with the current defaults

             gbp tag

       Create using a more upstreamish tag format:

             gbp tag --debian-tag='v%(version)s'


       Several  gbp.conf  files  are parsed to set defaults for the above command-line arguments.
       See the gbp.conf(5) manpage for details.


       gbp-buildpackage(1), gbp-push(1), gbp.conf(5),


       Guido Günther <>

                                        29 September 2022                              gbp-tag(1)