Provided by: git-annex_8.20210223-2ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       git-annex-mincopies - configure minimum number of copies


       git annex mincopies N


       Tells  git-annex  how  many  copies  it  is  required  to  preserve  of  files,  over  all
       repositories. The default is 1.

       Run without a number to get the current value.

       This configuration is stored in the git-annex branch, so it will be seen by all clones  of
       the repository. It can be overridden on a per-file basis by the annex.mincopies setting in
       .gitattributes files, or can be overridden temporarily with the --mincopies option.

       This supplements the git-annex-numcopies(1) setting.   In  unusual  situations,  involving
       special remotes that do not support locking, and concurrent drops of the same content from
       multiple repositories, git-annex may violate the  numcopies  setting.   In  these  unusual
       situations, git-annex ensures that the number of copies never goes below mincopies.


       git-annex(1) git-annex-numcopies(1)


       Joey Hess <>