Provided by: ledger2beancount_2.5-1_all bug


       ledger2beancount - ledger to beancount converter


       ledger2beancount [options] input.ledger > output.beancount

       cat input.ledger | ledger2beancount [options] > output.beancount


       ledger2beancount is a script to automatically convert ledger(1)-based textual ledgers to
       beancount files.

       Conversion is based on (concrete) syntax, so that information that is not meaningful for
       accounting reasons but still valuable (e.g., comments, formatting, etc.) can be preserved.


       -c, --config
           Specify a configuration file.  The options of the configuration file are described in
           ledger2beancount(5) and the ledger2beancount manual.

       -h, --help
           Show help message and quit.

       -V, --version
           Show version and quit.


       ledger2beancount accepts input from stdin or from a file and will write the converted data
       to stdout.  You can run ledger2beancount like this on the example provided:

           ledger2beancount examples/simple.ledger > simple.beancount

       After you convert your ledger(1) file, you should validate the generated beancount file
       with bean-check(1) and fix all errors:

           bean-check simple.beancount

       You should also inspect the generated beancount file to see if it looks correct to you.
       Please note that ledger2beancount puts notes at the beginning of the generated beancount
       file if it encounters problems with the conversion.


           The configuration file for the current directory.

           The default configuration file.


       If you find any bugs in ledger2beancount or believe the conversion from ledger to
       beancount could be improved, please open an issue on GitHub:

       Please include a small test case so we can reproduce the problem.


       Stefano Zacchiroli and Martin Michlmayr


       ledger2beancount(5), ledger(1), bean-check(1)

       The full documentation for ledger2beancount can be found in its manual.

                                            2020-11-04                        ledger2beancount(1)