Provided by: pcp-gui_5.3.7-1_amd64 bug


       pmtime - time control server for Performance Co-Pilot


       pmtime [-V?]  [-p port]


       pmtime is a graphical user interface for performance monitoring applications using the PCP
       infrastructure and requiring interactive time control.

       pmtime is not normally invoked directly by users.  Rather, it is more typical for it to be
       started by client applications (e.g.  pmchart(1), pmstat(1) or pmval(1)).

       There  are two modes of interacting with a pmtime process - live host mode, and historical
       archive mode.  In archive mode the window presents time controls suitable for manipulating
       the  archive position, allowing full VCR control to move forwards and backwards in time at
       configurable rates and intervals.  In live mode the pmtime  window  contains  the  simpler
       time controls suitable for live monitoring.

       Note  that  the  pmtime  window  is only made visible when explicitly requested.  Multiple
       client applications can be connected to a single pmtime server -  when  the  final  client
       application exits, pmtime will also exit.


       The available command line options are:

       -p port, --guiport=port
            port  is  the  port  number  which pmtime will use for communication with its clients
            (monitoring applications).

       -V, --version
            Display version number and exit.

       -?, --help
            Display usage message and exit.


       When a port number is not explicitly requested on the command line via the -p option,  the
       environment  variable  PMTIME_PORT  can  be  set  to  specify  the  port number from which
       available-port probing will commence when pmtime is searching for a port number to use.

       The default starting port number is 43334.


       PCPIntro(1), pmchart(1), pmstat(1) and pmval(1).