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       pnm2ppa - convert portable anymap (PNM) images to HP's PPA printer format.


       pnm2ppa [options] [ -i infile ] [ -o outfile ]


       Reads  portable  anymap  (PNM) format as input. Binary PNM formats pnmraw = {ppmraw (color
       pixmap), pgmraw (graymap), and pbmraw (black-and-white bitmap)}  are  strongly  preferred.
       Output   stream  can  be  locally  processed  by  Hewlett-Packard's  Printing  Performance
       Architecture (PPA) printers (HP DeskJet 710C, 712C, 720C, 722C, 820C, and 1000C series).

       (PNM format output can be produced from PostScript(tm) input  by  the  GhostScript  output
       devices  "pbmraw",  "pgmraw"  or "ppmraw",  or by "pnmraw", which will choose one of these
       formats as appropriate for the document.)  pnm2ppa assumes the input resolution is  600dpi
       (or 300dpi if the command-line option --dpi300 is used): input at higher/lower resolutions
       will result in a correspondingly larger/smaller printed image, provided it is  within  the
       printer's allowed size range.


       -b bottommargin
              Sets  the  bottom  margin  bottommargin  in  units  of  1/600 inches (e.g.,  -b 150
              corresponds to 0.25").

       -B blackness
              Sets the black ink density blackness in drops per pixel (0,1,2,3,4).

       --bi   Force bidirectional print sweeps.

       --bw   Disables the color cartridge; will  print  in  grey  scale  using  only  the  black

       -d     Displays the current configuration.

              Treat input resolution as 300dpi instead of 600dpi.

       --eco  Econofast mode: lower print quality that is faster and saves ink.

       -f configFile
              Re-reads   configuration   from   configFile   (after  initially  reading  it  from

       -F GammaFile
              Overrides reading the color-correction table (Gamma curve) from  the  default  file
              /etc/pnm2ppa.gamma, and uses GammaFile instead.

       --fd   Enable  fast  ordered  dithering instead of using the slower, but beautiful, Floyd-
              Steinberg dithering. (Has no effect in --bw mode.)

       -g     Prints a page of color  intensity  samples  (for  comparison  with  gamma.ppm  data
              produced  by  calibrate_ppa).   This  is  part of a color-correction procedure; see
              COLOR.txt for more details.

       -h, --help
              Displays program usage.

       -i infile
              Input file infile is either a path  to  a  PPM  file,  or  '-'  to  indicate  stdin
              (defaults to stdin).

       -l leftmargin
              Sets  the left margin leftmargin in units of 1/600 inches (e.g., -l 150 corresponds
              to 0.25").

              Switches off any color-correction.

       -o outfile | -
              Output file outfile is either a path to a file or device, or '-' to indicate stdout
              (defaults to stdout).

       -p     Disables the black ink cartridge; i.e.,  print  using only the color ink cartridge,
              even for printing "black".  This might be useful for  printing  high-quality  color

       -r rightmargin
              Sets  the  right  margin  rightmargin  in  units  of  1/600  inches  (e.g.,  -r 150
              corresponds to 0.25").

       -s papersize
              Sets the default paper size (now used only for color-correction output produced  by
              the -g option).  In normal use, pnm2ppa now instead reads the paper dimensions from
              pnm input file headers, and checks that it is  a  valid  papersize  for  the  given
              printer model.  Possible values for papersize are a4 (A4), letter or us (US Letter,
              8.5"x11"), legal (US Legal, 8.5"x14").  The default is US Letter.

       -t topmargin
              Sets the top margin topmargin in units of 1/600 inches (ie -t  150  corresponds  to

       --uni  Force  unidirectional  (left  to  right)  print  sweeps.  Useful if "shearing" is a
              problem for high quality color images.

       -v printertype
              Selects the printer model.  Possible values of printertype are: 710, 712, 720, 722,
              820 and 1000.  The default is the HP DeskJet 7X0 Series (710, 712, 720, 722).

              Displays the program's System Log messages on the standard output, as well.

              Displays the program's version information.

       -x xoffset
              Sets the x-offset xoffset from the left of the page. Units are 1/600 inches.

       -y yoffset
              Sets the y-offset yoffset from the top of the page. Units are 1/600 inches.


       The default configuration file /etc/pnm2ppa.conf  is read in first. Command line arguments
       then modify the resulting definitions.

       The -v option resets all  definitions  (margins,  offsets,  etc.)   back  to  the  inbuilt
       defaults  for  that printer and should be used before subsequent -b, -l, -r, -t, -x and -y


       pnm(5), ppm(5), pbm(5)


              Default configuration file.

              Default Gamma (color-correction) file.


       This code is licensed under the GNU Public License version 2. See LICENSE for details.

       (c) 1998-1999  Tim Norman

       (c) 1999  Giorgio Marzano

       (c) 1999  Andrew van der Stock

       (c) 1998-2002  Various authors for many, many fixes


       This program was originally pbm2ppa, written by Tim Norman. It originally supported  black
       and white output on the 820 series.  Tim added nascent color support in early 1999. In May
       1999, Giorgio Marzano started  making  real  headway  in  getting  color  support  working
       properly.  Andrew van der Stock has maintained the code since September 1999, and  made it
       available at


       Faint horizontal lines marking boundaries between print sweeps may be  visible.   You  may
       get better results when printing images, with the options:
         -p --uni  (this may no longer apply since recent code improvements).

                                           23 Jun 2002                                 pnm2ppa(1)