Provided by: podman_3.4.4+ds1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       podman-pod-top - Display the running processes of containers in a pod


       podman pod top [options] pod [format-descriptors]


       Display  the  running  processes of containers in a pod. The format-descriptors are ps (1)
       compatible AIX format descriptors but extended to print additional  information,  such  as
       the  seccomp  mode  or  the effective capabilities of a given process. The descriptors can
       either be passed as separated arguments or as a single comma-separated argument. Note that
       you  can  specify  options and/or additionally options of ps(1); in this case, Podman will
       fallback to executing ps with the specified arguments and options in the container.


   --help, -h
       Print usage statement

   --latest, -l
       Instead of providing the pod name or ID, use the last created pod.  (This  option  is  not
       available with the remote Podman client)


       Please refer to podman-top(1) for a full list of available descriptors.


       By default, podman-pod-top prints data similar to ps -ef:

              $ podman pod top b031293491cc
              USER   PID   PPID   %CPU    ELAPSED             TTY   TIME   COMMAND
              root   1     0      0.000   2h5m38.737137571s   ?     0s     top
              root   8     0      0.000   2h5m15.737228361s   ?     0s     top

       The output can be controlled by specifying format descriptors as arguments after the pod:

              $ podman pod top -l pid seccomp args %C
              PID   SECCOMP   COMMAND   %CPU
              1     filter    top       0.000
              1     filter    /bin/sh   0.000


       podman-pod(1), podman-top(1), ps(1), seccomp(2), proc(5), capabilities(7)


       August     2018,     Originally     compiled     by     Peter    Hunt    pehunt@redhat.commailto:pehunt@redhat.compodman-pod-top(1)()