Provided by: lomiri-thumbnailer-service_3.0.0-2_amd64 bug


       thumbnailer-service - Thumbnailer service




       The thumbnailer-service program provides a DBus service for creating thumbnail images from
       local media files (photos, audio, and video files), as well as  album  cover  artwork  and
       artist images for many musicians and bands.

       Original  images and scaled thumbnails are cached on disk, so requests for a thumbnail for
       a previously retrieved image (whether in the same size or a different size) are  delivered
       as efficiently as possible.

       The  service  is  fast  and  scalable,  and  it  guarantees  the integrity of on-disk data
       structures even in the face of a crash or power loss.

       The service is activated on demand by DBus and, by default, shuts down after 30 seconds of
       idle time.

       The  service connects to the DBus session bus as com.lomiri.Thumbnailer.  The interface to
       retrieve  thumbnails  is  provided  at   the   path   /com/lomiri/Thumbnailer,   and   the
       administrative  interface  (see  lomiri-thumbnailer-admin(1))  is  provided  at  the  path


       The service uses dconf(7) for its configuration. See thumbnailer-settings(5) for details.


       The service reads the following environment variables:

              The directory in which to look for  the  vs-thumb  executable,  which  is  used  to
              extract  images  from streaming media. If not set, the program is expected to be in

              The service exits once it has been idle for the number of milliseconds specified by
              this variable. If not set, a default value of 30000 is assumed.

              This variable overrides the URI of the remote image server. If not set, the default
              URI is used.

              This variable overrides the value of the log-level setting.

              This variable determines the location of the on-disk caches. Caches are written  to
              subdirectories of $XDG_CACHE_HOME/lomiri-thumbnailer. If XDG_CACHE_HOME is not set,
              $HOME/.cache/lomiri-thumbnailer is used.  If  $HOME  is  also  not  set,  the  home
              directory     is     determined    by    its    setting    in    /etc/passwd    and
              home-dir/.cache/lomiri-thumbnailer is used.


       lomiri-thumbnailer-admin(1), thumbnailer-settings(5), dconf(7), gsettings(1)