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       ttf2eps - extract ttf file glyphs into an eps file.


       ttf2eps  [--all]  {--name  ps-name  |  --unicode  hex  | --unicode hex | --glyph num} ttf-


       ttf2eps reads the specified true-type file and extracts the indicated glyphs into  an  eps
       file.  Each  file  is  named  for the character extracted (according to the 'post' table).
       Multiple glyphs may be extracted at a time, either by  specifying  the  character's  name,
       it's  unicode encoding, or it's true type glyph number. All the glyphs may be extracted by
       using [--all].

       Files are created in the current directory.

       Some meta-information is provided in comments inside  each  .eps  file,  for  example  the
       character's width, the font's ascent, descent and number of units per em.


       fontforge(1) acorn2sfd(1) showttf(1)


       ttf2eps was written by by George Williams <>.

       FontForge   is   currently   maintained   by   the   FontForge   development   team.   See
       /usr/share/doc/fontforge/AUTHORS for a comprehensive list of contributors.

                                           2018-May-04                                 ttf2eps(1)