Provided by: pcp-export-zabbix-agent_5.3.7-1_amd64 bug


       zbxpcp - Zabbix Agent Loadable PCP Module


       The  zbxpcp  loadable  module  extends  Zabbix  agent by making Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
       metrics available to it.  With the zbxpcp module configured in zabbix_agentd.conf all  the
       PCP metrics are available from the Zabbix agent like any other agent items.  As a loadable
       module (DSO) zbxpcp does not rely on any external programs but directly uses the PCP  APIs
       to fetch PCP metrics when requested.

       A  typical  Linux  PCP  installation  offers  over 1,000 metrics by default and is in turn
       extensible with its own plugins, or PMDAs (``Performance  Metrics  Domain  Agents'').   In
       addition  to  very  complete  /proc  based statistics, readily available PCP PMDAs provide
       support for such system and application level components as 389 Directory Server,  Apache,
       containers,  HAProxy,  GFS2,  Gluster,  libvirt,  MySQL, NFS, Oracle, Postfix, PostgreSQL,
       Samba, and Sendmail, among others.  PCP also runs on many platforms, including Linux,  Mac
       OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, and Windows.

       For  PCP introduction, see PCPIntro(1).  To investigate the available PCP metrics, use for
       example pminfo(1).  The PCP Quick Reference Guide  is  available  at  the  PCP  home  page

       For   general   information  about  Zabbix  data  collection  and  loadable  modules,  see  For Zabbix introduction and
       downloads, see

       zbxpcp is compatible with the Zabbix module API version 1.


       First  make  sure  PCP  is installed and configured properly, see the above references for
       instructions and use for example pminfo(1) to make sure the PCP metrics  can  be  fetched.
       To  enable the zbxpcp loadable module in a Zabbix agent, the following lines must be added
       to the Zabbix agent configuration file zabbix_agentd.conf (make sure to  use  the  correct


       After  restarting the Zabbix agent all the PCP metrics will be available with the ``pcp.''
       prefix like all the other agent items.  This can be verified with the commands:

           $ pminfo -t
           $ zabbix_agentd -p
           $ pminfo -f kernel.all.sysfork
           $ zabbix_get -s -p 10050 -k pcp.kernel.all.sysfork

       Then to collect PCP metrics from Zabbix agents, the Zabbix server side configuration is as
       usual (see Zabbix documentation if needed).

       The  PCP  pmcd  service  must  always  be running when starting up a zbxpcp enabled Zabbix
       agent, otherwise the module will fail  to  load  and  the  PCP  metrics  will  not  become
       available.   Special  care must be taken to make sure this happens also when rebooting the


              Typical Zabbix agent configuration file location.

              Optional   PCP   derived   metrics   configuration   file    for    zbxpcp.     See
              pmLoadDerivedConfig(3) for more info on derived metrics.

              Zabbix agent loadable PCP module.


       PCPIntro(1),    pminfo(1),    pmrep(1),    zabbix_get(1),    pmLoadDerivedConfig(3)    and