Provided by: aerc_0.11.0-1_amd64 bug


       aerc-notmuch - notmuch configuration for aerc(1)


       aerc supports using the notmuch email system as a backend, for fast indexing and

       For this to be enabled, aerc needs to be build with notmuch support.
       Refer to the installation instructions for details.


       Notmuch accounts currently are not supported with the :new-account command and must be
       added manually.

       In accounts.conf (see aerc-config(5)), the following notmuch-specific options are

           Command to run in conjunction with check-mail option.

               mbsync -a

           Default: none

           Timeout for the check-mail-cmd. The command will be stopped if it does not complete in
           this interval and an error will be displayed. Increase from the default if repeated
           errors occur

           Default: 10s


           The source indicates the path to the directory containing your notmuch database
           (usually a .notmuch folder).

           The path portion of the URL following notmuch:// must be either an absolute path
           prefixed by / or a path relative to your home directory prefixed with ~. For example:

               source = notmuch:///home/me/mail

               source = notmuch://~/mail

           Path to a file containing a mapping from display name to notmuch query in the form of
           Multiple entries can be specified, one per line.
           Lines starting with '#' are ignored and serve as comments.

           e.g. inbox=tag:inbox and not tag:archived

           Default: none

           Comma separated list of tags which will be excluded from query results, unless
           explicitly mentioned in the query.
           This can for example be useful if you use an archive or spam tag.

           Default: none


       Notmuch shows slightly different behaviour than for example imap.
       Some commands are simply unsupported because they have no proper counterpart in notmuch,
       like :delete and :archive.
       Others are slightly different in semantics and mentioned below:

       cf <notmuch query>
           The change folder command allows for arbitrary notmuch queries. Performing a cf
           command will perform a new top-level notmuch query

       filter <notmuch query>
           The filter command for notmuch backends takes in arbitrary notmuch queries. It applies
           the query on the set of messages shown in the message list. This can be used to
           perform successive filters/queries. It is equivalent to performing a set of queries
           concatenated with "and"


       aerc(1) aerc-config(5) aerc-smtp(5) aerc-maildir(5)


       Originally created by Drew DeVault <> and maintained by Robin Jarry
       <> who is assisted by other open source contributors. For more information
       about aerc development, see

                                            2022-07-15                            aerc-notmuch(5)