Provided by: ifupdown-ng_0.11.4~rc1-1build1_amd64 bug


       interfaces-vxlan - VXLAN extensions for the interfaces(5) file format


       Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN) is an overlay network to carry Layer 2 over an IP network
       while accommodating a very large number of tenants. It is defined in RFC 7348.

       Be aware that VXLAN encapsulation adds 50 bytes of overhead to the IP packet header (inner
       Ethernet header + VXLAN + UDP + IP). This should be taken into consideration when setting
       up overlay networks, particularly on underlay networks with a conventional 1500 byte MTU.

       The following options set up VXLAN Tunnel EndPoints (VTEP) interfaces with ifupdown-ng.

       See and for more information.


       A VXLAN Virtual Tunnel Endpoint (VTEP) interface must an ID set. All other options are

       vxlan-id VNI ID
           Denotes the VXLAN Network Identifier (VNI) ID for this interface. This parameter is
           required for VTEP interfaces.

       vxlan-physdev interface
           Specifies the physical ("underlay") device to use for tunnel endpoint communication.

       vxlan-local-ip address
           Specifies the source IP address to use in outgoing packets. For compatiblity with
           ifupdown2 vxlan-local-tunnelip is an alias for this parameter.

       vxlan-remote-ip address
           Specifies the unicast destination IP address to use in outgoing packets when the
           destination link layer address is not known in the VXLAN device forwarding database.
           This parameter cannot be specified with the vxlan-remote-group parameter. For
           compatiblity with ifupdown2 vxlan-remoteip is an alias for this parameter.

       vxlan-remote-group multicast group
           Specifies the multicast group IP address to join. This parameter cannot be specified
           with the vxlan-remote-ip parameter. For compatibility with ifupdown2 vxlan-svcnodeip
           is an alias for this parameter.

       vxlan-learning on/off
           Specifies if unknown source link layer addresses and IP addresses are entered into the
           VXLAN device forwarding database.

       vxlan-ageing seconds
           Specifies the lifetime in seconds of FDB entries learnt by the kernel.

       vxlan-dstport port
           Specifies the UDP destination port of the remote VXLAN tunnel endpoint. The default is


       A VTEP with multiple peers addressed via a multicast group:

           auto vx_v1001_padcty
           iface vx_v1001_padcty
                vxlan-id           655617
                vxlan-physdev     vlan1001
                hwaddress f2:00:c1:01:10:01
                mtu 1560

       Note that the underlay must have an MTU of at least 1610 to carry the encapsulated

       A VTEP with one peer (point-to-point configuration):

           auto vx_ptp1
           iface vx_ptp1
                vxlan-id        2342
                hwaddress f2:00:c1:01:10:01


       Maximilian Wilhelm <>

                                            2022-02-16                        interfaces-vxlan(5)