Provided by: powerman_2.3.5-2_amd64 bug


       powerman.conf - configuration file for PowerMan


       The powerman.conf file typically includes one or more of the remote power controller (RPC)
       device files  provided  in  the  /etc/powerman  directory;  sets  a  few  global  options;
       instantiates  RPC  devices with unique names, hostnames, and ports; and maps node names to
       RPC's and plug numbers.

       Network-attached RPC's are instantiated with device lines of the form:

              device "name" "type" "host:port"

       Serial-attached RPC's are instantiated with device lines of the form:

              device "name" "type" "special file" "flags"

       where special file is the full path to a tty device,  and  flags  is  a  serial  parameter
       specification  in  a  form similar to that used by lilo, e.g.  "9600,8n1".  RPC's that are
       accessed via coprocesses are instantiated as follows:

              device "name" "type" "process |&"

       where process is the full path to a process  whose  standard  output  and  input  will  be
       controlled by powerman, e.g. "/usr/bin/conman -Q -j rpc0 |&".


       The following example is a 16-node cluster that uses two 8-plug Baytech RPC-3 remote power

       include "/etc/powerman/"  # include def for "baytech" RPC

       tcpwrappers yes                      # enable TCP wrappers

       # listen ""             # uncomment to listen on all interfaces

       # Alias example - alias can be used in target specifications
       alias "pengra_service" "pengra[0-1]"
       alias "pengra_compute" "pengra[2-15]"

       # Power controller: device <name> <type> <hostname:port> [<flags>]
       device "pow0" "baytech" "pow0:23"  # instantiate pow0
       device "pow1" "baytech" "pow1:23"  # instantiate pow1

       # Plugs: node <name> <device> [<plug>]
       node "pengra[0-7]" "pow0" "[1-8]"  # map pengra0...pengra7 to pow0 plug 1-8
       node "pengra[8-15]" "pow1" "[1-8]" # map pengra8...pengra15 to pow1 plug 1-8




       PowerMan was originally developed by  Andrew  Uselton  on  LLNL's  Linux  clusters.   This
       software is open source and distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


       powerman(1),   powermand(8),   httppower(8),   plmpower(8),   vpcd(8),   powerman.conf(5),, powerman-devices(7).