Provided by: openrazer-daemon_3.4.0+dfsg-1ubuntu1_all bug


       razer.conf - configuration file for the OpenRazer Daemon


       The ~/.config/openrazer/razer.conf ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME is respected, if set) file configures
       some startup and runtime options of the openrazer-daemon(8). openrazer-daemon(8) is able
       to use configuration files specified in non-standard locations by providing the --config

       The configuration file is formatted like a .INI file and is parsed by Python's


       An example file should be installed under /usr/share/openrazer/razer.conf.example.


       The first section in the configuration file is a [General] section. This section contains
       miscellaneous options.

       verbose_logging bool
           This flag specifies if the daemon is to output detailed logging information. This
           value acts the same as if -v or --verbose was passed at the command line.

       The [Startup] section in the configuration file contains values to be used during startup,
       for example it can decide if syncing effects will be active when started.

       sync_effects_enabled bool
           This flag specifies if the effects syncing logic is active when the daemon is started,
           not having to wait for the user to activate them.

       devices_off_on_screensaver bool
           This flag specifies if the functionality to turn off razer devices when the
           screensaver is activated is active when the daemon starts.

       battery_notifier bool
           This flag specifies that notifications should be shown regularly with the remaining
           battery level.

       battery_notifier_freq int
           This flag specifies how often the notification with the remaining battery level should
           be shown.

       battery_notifier_percent int
           This flag specifies what battery percentage the device should reach before sending

       restore_persistence bool
           This flag specifies whether effects saved in persistence.conf should be applied when
           the daemon starts.



                                            2021-11-09                              razer.conf(5)