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       sane-pnm - SANE PNM image reader pseudo-backend


       The  sane-pnm  library  implements  a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend that provides
       access to PNM (Portable aNyMap files, which covers PBM bitmap files, PGM grayscale  files,
       and  PPM  pixmap  files).  The purpose of this backend is primarily to aid in debugging of
       SANE frontends.  It also serves as an illustrative example of a minimal SANE backend.


       This backend provides two devices called 0 and 1.


       No configuration required.


              The static library implementing this backend.

              The shared library implementing this  backend  (present  on  systems  that  support
              dynamic loading).


              If  the  library was compiled with debug support enabled, this environment variable
              controls the debug level for this backend.  E.g., a value of 128 requests all debug
              output to be printed.  Smaller levels reduce verbosity.


       If  the  sane-pnm  backend  is  installed  and  saned(8)  is used to allow users on remote
       computers to scan on the local machine, PNM files can be read by the remote user. This  is
       limited  to  the  files saned(8) can access (usually it's running as user "sane"). All PNM
       files can be read if saned(8) runs as root which isn't recommended  anyway.  The  sane-pnm
       backend  is  disabled  by  default.  If  you want to use it, enable it with configure (see
       configure --help for details). Be sure that only trusted users  can  access  the  sane-pnm
       backend over saned(8).


       Andreas Beck, Gordon Matzigkeit, and David Mosberger


       sane(7), saned(8)

                                           14 Jul 2008                                sane-pnm(5)