Provided by: wlogout_1.1.1-2_amd64 bug


       wlogout - layout file and options


       wlogout's buttons can consist of upto six values
       •   label
       •   action
       •   text
       •   keybind
       •   height *
       •   width *
       •   circular *

       * Optional values

       Label is the css selector by which the buttons may be referred to in a style.css file,
       action is the shell command to be executed when the button is clicked, text is the
       description displayed on the button, keybind is the key mapped to the button (note escape
       is reserved for exiting the application), height and width are values between 0.0 and 1.0
       that control the location of where text is displayed the default width 0.5, height 0.9,
       and circular is a boolean value that makes a button round.


       The buttons values are specified in a JSON formatted file, wherein the values are used as
       keys and one button corresponds to one JSON object for example:
               "label" : "foo",
               "action" : "echo 'hello world'",
               "text" : "bar",
               "keybind" : "f",
               "height" : 1,
               "width" : 1,
               "circular" : true
       Would create a round button that has a css label of foo, prints "hello world" upon being
       clicked, displays "bar" on the button, be bound to the key 'f', and "bar" would be shown
       at the bottom right corner. To create multiple buttons simply create another JSON object.


       Maintained by Haden Collins <> for more information about wlogout,
       see <>.



                                            2022-08-07                                 wlogout(5)