Provided by: libminicoredumper2_2.0.1-1.1_amd64 bug


       libminicoredumper  -  a  library  for  registering  application  data for dumping with the


       libminicoredumper provides an interface for registering binary and text data  for  dumping
       with  the  minicoredumper(1).   The  data  can be dumped into a core(5) file (in case this
       application crashes), or into separate files for simple access.

       If any data is registered for dumping, an anonymous UNIX domain socket is used to  send  a
       message   to   minicoredumper_regd(1),   thus   registering   this  application  with  the
       minicoredumper(1).  When some other application crashes, the minicoredumper(1)  will  dump
       the  registered  data  from  this  application  as  well.  This  feature  allows  variable
       information from multiple applications to be dumped soon after any application crashes. To
       minimize  the  time  between  an  application  crash  and  the dumping of other registered
       applications, the minicoredumper(1) uses PTRACE_SEIZE and PTRACE_INTERRUPT to  temporarily
       pause registered applications until all dumping is complete.


       mcd_dump_data_register_bin(3),                             mcd_dump_data_register_text(3),
       mcd_dump_data_unregister(3),        minicoredumper(1),         minicoredumper.cfg.json(5),
       minicoredumper.recept.json(5),      minicoredumper_regd(1),     minicoredumper_trigger(1),
       coreinject(1) ptrace(2)

       The DiaMon Workgroup: <>