Provided by: cvm_0.97-3_amd64 bug


       cvm-qmail - qmail configuration lookup module




       None, only operates as a lookup module.


       This  module  uses  the  standard  qmail configuration files to determine if an address is
       valid, using the same lookups that qmail would.  It first checks control/locals  and  then
       control/virtualdomains to determine if the domain is valid, and to determine the prefix to
       add to virtual domain usernames.  It then looks up the resulting username in users/cdb (or
       the  system  password  table  if  the  CDB  does  not exist) to determine the correct home
       directory.  If the address would require a .qmail-something file,  it  ensures  that  that
       file exists as well, doing -default checks as necessary.


              If  this  is  set  and the domain name is not a local or virtual qmail domain, this
              domain name is substituted and the lookup succeeds.  This allows for  setups  where
              domains  listed  in  control/rcpthosts  and  control/morercpthosts.cdb  (which  are
              accepted by the SMTP receiver) are not listed as local or virtual domains.  If this
              is set to an empty value, "localhost" is substituted.

       CVM_QMAIL_MISSINGUSER (optional)
              When  missing domain substitution is being done, the value of this variable is used
              to replace the username.  The value must exist as a valid system user.  Defaults to
              "alias" which will normally exist on all qmail systems.

       QMAIL_ROOT (optional)
              The root directory under which all the qmail configuration files are expected to be
              found.  Defaults to "/var/qmail", which is the normal qmail install path.


       cvm-pwfile(8),  cvm-unix(8),   cvm-sql(8),   cvm-vmailmgr(8),   cvm-benchclient(8),   cvm-
       checkpassword(8), cvm-testclient(8)