Provided by: cyclades-serial-client_0.94_amd64 bug


       cyclades-serial-client Serial Port Interface for Cyclades Terminal Servers


       cyclades-serial-client (start | stop | restart | status) [devname]


       For  each  physical  port listed in cyclades-devices file, cyclades-serial-client controls
       the status of the corresponding cyclades-ser-cli interface.


       cyclades-serial-client must be invoked with one of the (start, stop, restart  or  status),
       and  optionally with a argument associated to a specific device.  In this case, the action
       spedified as the option will be performed only for this device.

       If this argument was not supplied, the action will be performed for all devices listed  in
       cyclades-devices file. The mandatory options are:

       start  -  Starts  the cyclades-ser-cli program, using parameters supplied in the cyclades-
              devices  file. If this program is already running, a message will be displayed, and
              no additional copy will be started.

       stop   - Stops the cyclades-ser-cli program(s), by issuing a SIGTERM signal.

              - Simulates a hangup to cyclades-ser-cli program(s), by issuing a SIGUSR1 signal.

       status - Checks the status of cyclades-ser-cli programs(s).


       Assuming the the following cyclades-devices file configuration:

       /dev/ctty01:pr3k:1:rtelnet: /dev/ctty02:pr3k:2:socket:

       1  .  Start all devices: cyclades-serial-client start Messages: "Starting /dev/ctty01 <==>
       pr3k:1 interface" "Starting /dev/ctty02 <==> pr3k:2 interface"

       2 . Try to start them  again:  cyclades-serial-client  start  Messages:  "cyclades-serial-
       client : /dev/ctty01 already active" "cyclades-serial-client : /dev/ctty02 already active"

       3  .  Stop  only  /dev/ctty01  device:  cyclades-serial-client  stop /dev/ctty01 Messages:
       "Stopping /dev/ctty01 <==> pr3k:2 interface"

       4 . Checking status: cyclades-serial-client  status  Messages:  "/dev/ctty01  (rtelnet  at
       pr3k:1) is inactive" "/dev/ctty02 ( socket at pr3k:2) active, pid 2983"

       5 . Start a non-valid device cyclades-serial-client start /dev/xtty01 Messages: "cyclades-
       serial-client : device /dev/xtty01 does not exist"


       cyclades-ser-cli(1), cyclades-devices(5)